1977 Rinder & Lewis - 7 deadly sins

Laurin rinder & w michael lewis produced many great disco acts in the late 70's on the avi and butterflylabels but it was their own albums that were the real classics., of these projects, 1977's electronic discoconcept album, 'seven deadly sins' contained such seminal garage/loft classics as 'lust', 'greed' and 'envy'plus the ahead of it's time dark proto-techno cut 'anger', which was a massive ron hardy/music box fave, andwas sampled on carl craig's 'tres demented', and re-edited on moxie #1 (allegedly also by carl craig)packaged in original picture cover as above.


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COSMO a dit…

wicked. i love this blog man. more posts, please! the rarer the better!



Gras-Double a dit…

I try to do my best, even if blogspot erase all my settings !!!!! I'd like to add you in my links but its diseappeared :(((

thebeathunters a dit…

i'm a great fan of rinder/lewis and their many monikers, thanks for this one and all your great posts!
(btw) i added your blog to my linklist at a biggersplash.blogspot.com

Vinyl4Giants a dit…

Have some Rinder & Lewis over at my shop - check it out when you got a minute.

Anonyme a dit…

Nice Blog!
Do you have any of their
EL COCO albums?


Kosta a dit…

thanks a lot for Rinder & Lewis..it was in my wanted list since the listen of the beautiful Lust
and many many thanks for "1ST CENTURY!!!!!!!!!

Gras-Double a dit…

Only first choice for you pleasure :)
Lust is the best track, for sure !

Anonyme a dit…

Great and rare stuff, But track 2 is missing. Could you look into this? If not, Thanks Anyway

Anonyme a dit…

"Anger" was not a re-edit by Carl Craig on Moxie - it's the basis for his single under the alias TRES DEMENTED - he takes the drum breakdown and made a track based on it called "Demented (or just crazy)" - it's a 12" single on his label PLANET E



Anonyme a dit…


kumar a dit…

What a great record, thanks for posting this.
- DJ Bylamplight of http://liquiddilemma.blogspot.com/

esf a dit…

there are only six sins in the zip folder. sloth is missing.

thanx anyway.

btw, here are another two re-edits of Anger

Anonyme a dit…

dopeness. thanx alot. From Austin TX

DJ Hannibal Beretta

Anonyme a dit…

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