1975 - Francis Lai - Le corps de mon ennemi

From a mid-70s Belmondo movie, this French score sees Francis Lai move away from his traditional lush arrangements into a harder, more guitar-lead environment. A tough action movie calls for tough sounds, and this album is no exception. The music is as dark as the album sleeve, featuring menacing brass, guitar and analogue synth. Some of the music has a progressive rock influence and even a slight middle eastern feel in places. There are several outstanding funk numbers (Number one, jack pot...). Recorded at the legendary Studios Davout, source of many killer French funk records... must be something in the air...

4 commentaires:

Vinyl4Giants a dit…

Lovin' Francis La - drop me your email addy, and we can collaberate. Peace.

Mr B a dit…

looks gooood !

check "l'aventure c'est l'aventure" on my blog



Gras-Double a dit…

yeah !!
I have this soundtrack !
The difference between these 2 movie and most of blaxploitation's movie is that this is 2 real good movies :)))

Heather Ferreira a dit…

Francois's Sweet Badassss Song! I like it! I'm going to look for this movie down at the indie vid store today. Thanks for the recommend; solid as usual, Blacula.