Chi Sei ? - Franco Micalizzi - 1974

1. Bargain With The Devil
2. Jessica's Theme
3. Dimitry's Theme
4. Robert's Theme
5. Jessica Theme N. 2
6. Family's Theme N.2
7. Bargain With The Devil (orchestra)
8. Flute Sequence
9. Dimitry's Theme (slow Version)
10. Family's Theme (slow Version)

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Gras-Double a dit…

verge a dit…

That is some dark greazy funk. Thanks!

DJ Sizzle a dit…

Thanxz Homie! From the Borderland of the Southwest; Las Cruces New Mexico, I truly appreciate your stuff!

Anonyme a dit…

hey the link for serge's madame claude @ rapidshare is dead!


Anonyme a dit…

Saddly the link's dead... But thanks for the effort!

djbob a dit…

Thank u so much for posting,I found cool samples like in these tracks , u can download them from this site -