This is my own compilation of some of my favorites songs.
For those who discover this group, They are mostly known for their Dario Argento's sountrack like 'profondo rosso' or 'dawn of the dead' but their discography is huge and really interesting.
It's a kind of UFO for me : I don't know why I like their music but I like it really much !
I have been certainly traumatized by a Argento movie when I was young :)


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Anonyme a dit…

nice to see you back with these excellent posts keep up the good work!! anymore like the funk deluxe post that was awesome.many thx

avocado kid a dit…

snip snap

COSMO a dit…

yeah man, kEep the shit comming im lapping it up! thanks



Kockalone a dit…

Great post! Keep on...



Hellbishop a dit…

Wow creepy and morbid to the max! Strange I remember seeing parts of this commercial as a child around 1979-1980 but I was sure it was from LAST HOUSE ON DEAD END STREET unless SUSPIRIA had an alternate title.

Thanks for the bone chilling trailer :D

db a dit…

great music!
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