1979 Le Pamplemousse - Planet of love

Le Pamplemousse was the brainchild of Michael Lewis and Laurin Rinder. Much like Phil Spector, a decade earlier, these producers would create outlets for their musical genius. These outlets or studio groups, would often feature the same musicians and singers. Interchangeable pieces in the master plan. The faces might change but the name and sound were constant.

Some of the many singers that comprised Le Pamplemousse were: Brenda, Valerie and Shirley Jones (The Jones Girls), Alexandra Brown, Patricia Hall, Mortonette Jenkins, and Laurin himself.

Side A
1. Planet Of Love (7.40)
2. You Can Get Off On The Music (7.25)

Side B
1. Back Street City Lights (7.01)
2. Creepin' (7.13)
3. I've Been Watching You (4.08)


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Anonyme a dit…

I love this stuff!
And sounds so fresh and inviting!
I wanted to thank you very much for sharing this beatiful music with the rest of the world!