1978 Carlos Dafé - Pra que vou recordar

Dafé was born into a family of musicians in Rio de Janeiro, having learned how to play the cavaquinho, mandolin and accordion with his father. Later, he studied the piano and the bass, having joined a few orchestras. In the 1960s, he started out as a vocalist in nightclubs in Rio and São Paulo. In the 70s he added soul music elements to his songs, as heard on the album "Venha Matar Saudades" (1978, with Banda Black Rio). He was established as one of the most important names in Brazilian soul music, along with Tim Maia, Cassiano and Gerson King Kombo. He's had songs recorded by artists like Nana Caymmi ("Passarela") and Tânia Maria ("A Cruz").
Check the song "De Alegria Raiou O Dia", recently covered by Seu Jorge.


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