1981 - Hyldon - Sabor de amor

One of my favorite brazillian mellow groove.
Hyldon was one of the bearers of the torch of soul music in Brazil, coming after Tim Maia, Cassiano, and Gerson King Combo. A former partner of Maia's and member of Cassiano's band, Hyldon had his first hit in 1975 with the ballad "Na Rua, na Chuva, na Fazenda," included on his first LP of the same name, which also had another hit with "Na Sombra de uma Árvore." After some ostracism, Hyldon left soul music and devoted himself to children's music. Contemporary bands like Kid Abelha and Jota Quest have been renovating an interest of the newer generations in Hyldon's work through their re-recordings of "Na Rua, na Chuva, na Fazenda" and "As Dores do Mundo."

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Yerblues a dit…

Yeah, dear brother, fantastic post. I'm from Brasil and must tell you that all the discography of Hyldon is very good. He's a great composer too, making hits notably for Tim Maia (wich is considered by many as the father of the brazilian soul). If you need something more on this vein, give me your mail and I'll be glad to send you some pearls. Abração.

Maro a dit…

I blacula,

thanks for this amazing post this is really fantastic (i have a preference for "sabor de amor","vem dansar o samba" and of course the huge "siga o teu camino"!!)... I you got other stuff like this one let me know...