1976 - Airto Fogo

Very rare instrumental LP only released in France and Canada
Airto Fogo is a French artist that you can find here in 2 compilation, "operation heritage" and "funk de luxe" with other french artists like Andrée Cecarelli (i saw him in concert with Lalo Schifrin last week !), Etienne Cap or Edition Speciale, etc...
A must Have !


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Calmos a dit…

Hi !

what a coincidence!

1) I have this very good lp (and one of the compilation)

2) I was at Lalo's Rex concert last week!

-> anyway thanks !

Gras-Double a dit…

Le monde est petit ;)
Une tuerie, non ?

Mr B a dit…

hi buddy

why don't you post this compilation OPERATION HERITAGE that seems long out-of-print? or FUNK DELUXE




ellerre a dit…

see also the italian jazzfunk blog: http://www.ellerre.blogspot.com/

Calmos a dit…

Hi again, here's a video of Lalo's concert @ the excellent La Piscine's blog:


Have a nice day!

PS I made myself a small video during 'The Plot'...

PS2 I totaly Agree with Mr B, why don't you post Operation Heritage ? (I already have Funk Deluxe...)

Gras-Double a dit…

I post funk deluxe but I heared that you can buy operation héritage here : kifmusic@free.fr

Calmos a dit…

I don't think Operation Heritage is still available (or was available for a large audience) but I'll check @ Kif ...

by the way do you have it?


Gras-Double a dit…

yes I do
I'll post it soon :)

DJ Hippo a dit…

Oh yes, that would be great; I'm looking for Operation Heritage as well!

db a dit…

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
for rare soul, jazz, funk, brazil & latin records!

beanitk a dit…

Airto Fogo is not a french artist. Is the brazilian musician Waltel Branco.